Merry Christmas from! I hope you all have a great day. I am looking forward to the kids opening their presents, a present or two under the tree for me and some alcohol!
Thanks to all the stations sending in data over the last year, to all our visitors and to those who donated or purchased a radbox. The worries about hosting that happened early in the year have been solved, the hardware costs to solve that have been covered and runs on some decent hardware ready for the future. Due to the issues development over the first 6 months had to take a back seat and the last 6 months has been a very busy time juggling work, the kids and working on our home. 2016 will bring some renewed efforts to bring those features you have been patiently waiting for. Thank you Thimo for looking after pyradmon, adding features and helping with bugs and other problems. The sharing of data with was a highlight of this year, thanks to all who helped it happen. This site remains a home for the experimenter, enthusiast and scientist! Roll on 2016 :)

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